Getting There


Albufeira is a coastal town in the Algarve. It has it's share of package summer holidays but there is also some amazing scenery and great beaches which hopefully will not be too packed in April. if you're looking for things to do, feel free to join us for some warm weather training (link). Alternatively, the "social" group can join Eilish in the spa or the bar. Golfing is huge in the Algarve, let us know if you need details of courses.


We're going to be based at the Santa Eulalia Hotel in Albufeira. It is a resort hotel with rooms and apartments. The links on the right also have details of other accomodation in the area. Hopefully Niall and I will visit the Algarve again beofer Easter so if you find somewhere you like the look of, let us know and we can check it out for you.


Faro Airport is about 25 minutes away. Alternative airports are Seville (2.30 hrs) and Lisbon (2.45 Hrs). All the usual car hire companies are represented at Faro airport. For those who don't want to drive. Albufeira is served by train. We found taxis reasonable in the Algarve and airport shuttle services are a good option if you've not going to do a lot of travelling around. Details of all these services on the right hand panel.


About Albufeiro

tourist office:Rua 5 de Outubro, 8200 Albufeira, Tel. ++351 289-585279

activities: quad tours, aqua park, water sports, trail walking, ...

restaurants: Eurasia (Veggie Food), A logosteira (Portugese), Casa Velha (Portugese)...

beaches: Interactive beach guide




The picture in the Header was taken at the finish line of this year's Cork City Marathon. believe it or not, it's the only picture I have of the two of us in a race.